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Can I repair a broken car key?

There’s always a solution any time you encounter a car key problem and you will be able to find the right answer depending on the level of damage and type of your key. 

These are the 3 ways to resolve a broken car key:

Call the dealership

No one likes to call the dealership and get their pricey products and service. However, if there is no other option near you to replace a key, you can ask for their help. But remember, it takes some time to resolve your car key problem with them since they focus on dealing with products.

Glue it

One way to fix a broken car key is applying glue or binding the broken pieces although it is only temporary and difficult. You have to be extra careful in doing it. To avoid breaking it off in the ignition or door, you can leave the repaired key in the ignition and turn it off gently until the replacement comes in.

Call a locksmith

If you lose your key or break it, calling a locksmith is the proper solution. A locksmith will come to your location and make another key promptly. They are also capable of reprogramming chips for newer cars. They offer a fast and top-quality car key replacement service

Indeed, the best solution in resolving a broken car key is getting a replacement rather than repairing and trying to put broken pieces all together. Repairing a key by yourself may be more dangerous and it could break inside the ignition.

However to prevent your key from breaking you can lubricate the locks, replace old keys and be cautious when using locks in cold weather. But sometimes even when you consider the best preventive measures, keys can still break. Just know that there are people you can call if you encounter that situation. 

Gem City Locksmith resolves a lot of car key issues. Our locksmiths are specialized in replacing and duplicating all types of keys, whether for cars, homes, or commercial doors. Our locksmiths can make keys without the need for the original and the quality of our duplicate keys is as effective as the actual key. Get in touch with us and we’ll make a key on the spot. 

location 5031 Well Fleet Dr Dayton, OH 45426