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Factors to Consider in Choosing a Commercial Surveillance System

Safety and security are immensely significant responsibilities for any successful commercial property. Installing surveillance systems is the best way to ensure the security of people, resources, and finances. 

Various factors should be considered before investing in surveillance camera systems. Understand these factors to help you ensure that you will get the finest quality of the system:

Placement of cameras

You need to figure out where you will place your commercial surveillance system. If you want to place the cameras outdoors, you should choose weatherproof systems. Evaluating the areas that require surveillance cameras can guide you on the number of cameras that you need to purchase to best protect your business.

Types of cameras

There are two main types of cameras for surveillance systems: internet protocol or IP and analog. Analog cameras are commonly used. They are being phased out in favor of IP cameras, which offer more features and potentials than analog cameras. IP cameras capture images in a higher resolution and have automatic alerts, video analytics, and more.

Features you need

Abundant features that you can select from the different commercial surveillance systems in the market. You can choose an audio-based intrusion detection system, smart motion control, night vision, pan/tilt/zoom, or PTZ systems, and more. Assess your business security needs and select your surveillance units accordingly.

Price and installation cost

The price depends on the size of your business and how many cameras you require, as well as the type of storage you want, how long you want to store video, and the types of features you want. 

While for the installation cost, you can ask for multiple quotes from different installers and compare them to determine the installation expenses. You can check the different features and advantages of the various commercial surveillance systems to find the best fit for your business. 

Surveillance cameras deter criminals, help law enforcement in catching thieves, and improve accountability among your employees. It increases their productivity and above all, it offers peace of mind in running your business.

Hence, we at Gem City Locksmith offer a high-security system for small businesses and large industries. Our locksmiths are specialized in dealing with commercial surveillance systems, master key systems, alarm systems, and more high-tech security solutions. Just contact us anytime you want to enhance your security on your property.

location 5031 Well Fleet Dr Dayton, OH 45426