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How do Burglars Pick A Home?

There are several elements that burglars look for in targeting a home, which you should take into consideration. Find out the complete guide on how the burglars pick their target house:

Weak or unlock doors and windows

Doors and windows with weak and open locks are common access points for burglars. While you can get good-quality locks and ensure that you lock all possible entrances of burglars when your home is unattended to avoid a burglary incident on your home.

Unoccupied property

Burglars watch the signs that your home is not occupied particularly during the day when homeowners leave for work, business or school. But you can establish an alarm system to warn you whenever an intruder gets into your premises while you are away.

Low-security system

Burglars check out if the property has CCTV cameras and other security equipment. They move into a house that is not equipped with an advanced and effective security system. While there are plenty of high-tech security devices that help secure your family, home, possessions.

Valuables to steal

Thieves assure that there are valuables worth stealing. They usually steal cash, jewelry, watches, handy electronics, guns, medicines, keys, expensive clothes, accessories, and confidential data. The use of high-quality safes and vaults can safely protect your assets.

Dark exterior areas

Burglars who target homes at night will likely look for areas where they can hide. Dim areas covered with trees, tall bushes, cars can entice them. To light up the area, you can place motion detector lights that can illuminate spots when someone gets too close and scare potential burglars. 

Attractive yard

The attributes of your yard give so many clues for burglars of what are your tastes and nice things inside your house. There are also some indoor items left by your kids outside that could define the value of your things. 

Thinking about break-ins can be scary but if you keep your home protected, then burglars are less likely to get interested in it. There are few precautions you can follow to maintain your home safe. 

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location 5031 Well Fleet Dr Dayton, OH 45426