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How Locksmith Open Door

Have you locked yourself out of your vehicle or home? Locking yourself outside of your vehicle or home and forgetting your keys can happen to everybody. It isn’t uncommon that you find yourself misplacing your keys, with life being as busy as it is. Lucky for you, there are several licensed professionals in your area that can help you regain entrance to your vehicle or home. They are called locksmiths. However, have you ever wondered how these professionals open your door?

Here are several techniques that locksmiths use to open doors:

Non-Destructive Entry

This method involves opening doors without damaging the lock or the door. Here are several non-destructive methods that locksmiths use.

Bump Keys

Bump keys are specifically made keys to bypass a pin tumbler lock. They are made in such a way that they break in the pin mechanism of the lock. Bump keys have been utilized for a lot of years. Nowadays, they are still effectively utilized because around 85% of homes still use the traditional tumbler lock.

Lock Picking

This technique includes having to open a 4-pin lock. For those who don’t know, 4-pin locks use 4 internal rods arranged in such a way that a particular configuration can turn the mechanism to unlock. The length of every pin/rod varies from every other pin. The concept is to lift every single pin at a time to a particular level to enable the mechanism to turn.

A professional locksmith has a lock picking tool that features every vital part to lift the pins to the required height at a particular time. However, the procedure needs skill, experience, and expertise to open a particular lock.

These are some of the basic ways of how a locksmith open a residential door. So, what about the doors of your vehicle? How do locksmiths open them?

The principle is to open the car door without breaking its lock. This is a little more difficult unlike opening traditional door locks. Here are several ways locksmiths utilize to unlock vehicle doors:


Nowadays, modern vehicles have a keyless entry system. Thus, in order to unlock the vehicle, locksmiths have to do some programming. Expert locksmiths have all the knowledge required to reprogram keyless entry systems.

Key Analyzer

Using a key analyzer is another way to unlock a keyless entry system. The key analyzer is also called a VATS Passkey Decoder. The method helps the technician to accurately know the electrical resistance values of the particular vehicle. After they know the code, locksmiths utilize the mechanical key cutter to make the new key that accurately resembles the real key.

Destructive Entry

Whenever non-destructive entry techniques fail and the lock is certainly resistant or stubborn to opening, the destructive door opening is only possible to be tried. In these cases, the technician should keep damage to a minimum to lower expenses. These techniques tend to include using force to open the door or drilling a lock open using special methods.

location 5031 Well Fleet Dr Dayton, OH 45426