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How to Protect Your Business from Burglars?

Burglary can cause heavy loss of income in business and you cannot avoid this incident from happening on your property. Nevertheless, there are steps you can consider to protect your assets and minimize the damage if a break-in occurs.

Here are 7 ways to lessen the risk of burglary in your commercial establishment:

Establish alarm system

Alarm systems provide a network of surveillance equipment, it serves an eye on both external and internal threats. You can be notified if any unauthorized intruders get into your premises. Just ensure that the system is controlled and monitored 24/7.  

Locks door and windows

Never allow the burglar to enter your commercial premises. Make sure to double-check every entry point when your building is already closed and unattended. Also, check the condition of your locks, ensure that you install high-quality locks.

Control access to your property

Limit the number of people who have keys and access to your office. The more people who have keys, the greater the risk to your property. You may choose to consider establishing an access control system with personalized key fobs that can allow which areas of the building your personnel can enter.

Verify your employees’ identity

It is necessary to perform identity verification on newly hired employees and contractors particularly if they will be handling payments or financial data about your customers and business. It will not only help you make logical hiring decisions, but will also deter theft among employees.

Install security cameras

The presence of security cameras can discourage thieves and protect your property during operating and non-operating hours. Place surveillance cameras in strategic areas to identify the faces of clients and employees.

Regularly check exterior feature

Evaluate the exterior features of your building. Remove all obstructive objects and regularly trim large bushes or trees where a person can hide. Ensure that outdoor areas of your property are well-lit particularly around entrances like windows and doors.

Consult to a commercial security expert

Consult a business security professional that offers valuable recommendations for your business by identifying vulnerable areas of your building that you may not have noticed. Their service could serve as a worthy investment. 

At Gem City Locksmith, we protect businesses from burglary with the latest commercial security technology. We offer guaranteed security solutions in all types and sizes of business.

location 5031 Well Fleet Dr Dayton, OH 45426