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Tips to Improve Home Security

Decorating your house is fun and satisfying but setting security measures is necessary. Security should be the priority since burglary happens every second and even occupied homes encounter theft. 

Here are 12 helpful things that could deter criminals from burglarizing your home:

Secure locks

Install sturdy locks for doors and windows. Mortise lock is one if most dependable lock and more secure lock.

Maintain a well-lit environment

Place a spotlight in all entrances of your area and your garage.

Install an alarm system

This system can warn you of unauthorized people who attempt to enter your premises, it helps as a deterrent.

Fix all your tools

Never leave your ladder, garden tools, metal bars, etc. lying around that could be used by burglars to access inside your home.

Keep your valuables away from sight

Keep your money, jewelry, laptops, smartphones, and any other assets away from the sight of thieves and make sure it cannot be seen from your door or window. 

Use difficult barriers

Place barbed wires, spikes, thorny shrubs in your barrier to make it difficult for burglars to climb into your property.

Deceive burglars

Turn on your lights and radio when you leave. You can also leave your car as if you will not have a travel trip.

Use security cameras and neighborhood watch

Ask your trusted neighbor to look after your home while you are out. You can also use CCTV to monitor and record the movements of people outside your house. 

Notify your mail service

Hold your mail service when you leave your home unoccupied for a long time. 

Don’t post to social media about your trip

Don’t advertise on social media about your activities. Burglars may know that your house is vacant.

Invest in a safe

A safe mounted on a wall or floor can secure your valuables from amateur burglars. 

Ask help from a residential locksmith

A locksmith can assist you to maximize your home’s security and can help to keep your family and possessions safe. They install security cameras and access control systems to enhance your level of safety. 

So if you need to enhance your home security, get in touch with our reputable security service. Gem City Locksmith caters to any of your residential locksmithing needs.

location 5031 Well Fleet Dr Dayton, OH 45426