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Types of Locks

There are different types of locks that carry different levels of security for a certain kind of possession. While all varieties of locks provide safety and security like no other device. Here are the several types of locks:


It comes in range sizes, is freestanding and portable, and one of the most common types of lock. 


Like padlocks, deadbolts come in different subtypes. Its primary types include single, double, and lockable thumb turn.

Knob locks

Knob locks are usually installed in residential settings on exterior doors added to deadbolts and are sometimes used as the primary source of security for doors. 

Lever handle locks

It is commonly used for commercial property specifically on interior doors. It is rarely used in residential situations.

Cam locks

Cam locks are frequently used in filing cabinets and mailboxes, and come in a wide variety of different lengths and subtypes.

Rim/mortise locks

Commercial doors and glass entry doors often install rim cylinder or mortise cylinder locks. Some apartment doors also use this kind of lock.

Euro profile cylinders

It is also called DIN cylinders that come in various varieties like a single cylinder, double cylinder, and single cylinder with a thumb turn.

Wall-mounted locks

The most common type of wall-mounted lock is a fireman’s box style lock found in large industries as emergency access to building keys.

Interchangeable core cylinders

It is frequently used in larger institutions and is known for easy to rekey the lock by just swapping the core without taking the lock apart.

Furniture locks

It is often used for cabinets, desks, and sliding doors. When it is unlocked it pops out and when you want to re-lock it, you can push the lock into its shell. 

Vending/T-handle locks

It is usually found in vending machines. Opening the device is pulling the entire T-handle lockout.

Rim latch locks

Rim latch locks have a standard rim cylinder on one side and a surface mount latch lock on the other. It auto-locks the door being used after you leave.

Jimmy proof deadbolts

You often see this category of lock as a simple modification on the normal deadbolt on apartments and double doors. 

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location 5031 Well Fleet Dr Dayton, OH 45426