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What are the different types of Safe?

As the number of safes increases in the market, the customers can now select the best one for their needs. There are different types of safes designed for certain assets to secure. Let’s learn each type and how they protect your valuables.

Free Standing safes

Free standing safe is usually heavy and made of steel. It can be fireproof and can be fitted with a wide range of locking equipment from key lock to combination lock and any other type of electronic locks. Their weight can discourage them from stealing on your premises.

Wall safes

The wall safe is more convenient than the floor safe. People hide their important documents and other valuables in their homes using this type of safe since it is easily accessible.

Floor safes

This is the most common safe in hiding necessary documents and other valuables in the home. People use this type of safe to protect their valuables in discrete areas. 

Fire safes

Fire safes keep your valuables protected in the event of a fire. These types of safes have a fire-resistant design and are suitable for keeping important documents, memorable items, and other high-value things.

Burglary safes

Burglary safes are designed to secure assets against thieves. Many of these varieties of safes feature tamper-proof technology and extra levels of security like multiple entry methods.

Gun safes

These come in several sizes, the strength of security, fire resistance, and price ranges.  Gun safes are the most common kind of safes in keeping your weapons out of the hands of children and burglars. It includes highly secure locking mechanisms.

Jewelry safes

Jewelry safes are designed to both protect and organize your valuable jewelry. Many jewelry safes are elegant to look at as well. Most of them are made with beautiful wood and velvet interiors but they are made of heavy-duty steel inside. 

Safes provide safety and security for all your valuables. All types of safes enable you to keep important items in a protected location. You will have peace of mind even if you are living in a dangerous area. 

If you want to install a new safe or repair your safe or vault, our company caters to them all. Gem City Locksmith offers a full range of security services to keep our clients and their possessions safe. Your protection is our priority. 

location 5031 Well Fleet Dr Dayton, OH 45426