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What is the information needed when calling a locksmith?

If you contact a locksmith to solve any of your lock and key issues, you need to provide certain information based on your specific situation. Providing accurate information to your locksmith will help them to assess your problem and provide you with the most accurate cost estimation before they arrive at your home.

These are the most important pieces of information that you should provide to a locksmith:

Your detailed situation

When calling a locksmith you need to provide them with detailed information about your scenario. In case your keys are broken inside of a lock, a locksmith will need to know ahead of time. This is to ensure your road technician has the proper tools with them on site. Thus, this information applies to all kinds of locksmith services.

Specific location

Be as specific with your address, including cross streets. This makes it much easier for mobile technicians to find you as quickly as possible. If you don’t know where you’re at, just give as much detail as possible so a locksmith can further assess your situation.

Proof of ownership if locked out

In the case that you are locked out, you will need to prove your residency or ownership of the property you need to gain access whether in your home, business property, or vehicle. 

Type and brand of lock if you need lock repair/replacement

It helps the locksmith know what type and brand of lock they need to be opened or replaced. Since not all locksmiths provide service to all types of locks and some brands of locks have special tools available that can make the process even easier. You can save time and energy by ensuring that the locksmith you call can provide the service that you need.

About your key and alternative entry points if you’re locked out

If you call a locksmith because you experience a lockout, you need to tell a locksmith about your key. If your key isn’t working then they need to bring different tools with them. Also, 

tell your locksmith if there are alternative entry points available. Alternative entry points may be easier to access than the one you want to be opened.

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location 5031 Well Fleet Dr Dayton, OH 45426